Welcome, Brothers.

This website was meant to serve as the online hub for the Ghost Blades Strikeforce for the upcoming Warhammer 40,000 title Eternal Crusade.

Features include:
- FORUM: For more open discussion and planning.
- CALENDAR: To better organize the Strikeforce’s activities and ensure that members are aware of upcoming events.
- ADVENTURE LOG: Though typically used for tabletop RPGs, the Adventure Log can be used to suit our needs as a weekly Crusade Report section detailing highlights of the week and honoring specific brothers for their skill, dedication, leadership or a myriad of other things. Think of it as our hall of records.
-WIKI: A place to stuff all of our Strikeforce lore. Detailed information on our owned relics, stories and after-action reports of our largest coflicts and crowning achievements, and a general place to share our story.
- CHARACTERS SECTION: A place to include a working database of the characters that make up the Strikeforce. Here, our characters become more than pixels on an MMOTPS game. They become living, breathing things and through our writing we can chronicle their tales.

This is meant to be a showcase, so that we can decide on whether we would like to keep this website or not.

Ghost Blades